My name is Fiona Yun. I am passionate about helping you on your path to total wellness!


I have long been called to the work of a healer. As a child, I was very drawn to those who practiced energy medicine and found my own connection to the Divine well outside of the church walls. In college, I lead and directed a healing spiritual retreat for other students and young adults in our community. After graduation, I moved out west and started a business with my now husband, Jesse. Although the work was rewarding and financially prosperous, I found it didn’t fulfill my soul. I took a few months off when our first daughter was born, and suddenly found myself enrolling in massage school.

I discovered that I had a natural knack for massage. I ‘felt’ very easily, and had the right “touch”. My friends who I practiced with often called my hands magic, and I truly felt I had found a calling in massage. I developed an interest in lomi lomi through a deep love of Hawai’i and the Aloha spirit. On a school assignment, I received a lomi lomi massage from the owner of Kanani Pearl Spa, Mary Ellen MacKay, and told her of my desire to learn the art of Lomi lomi, but that I wanted to learn it from a true, reputable source. I wanted to practice true lomi, as it hand been handed down through the generations in Hawai’i, but I was stuck on where to even begin my search. As fortune had it, the founder of Mana Lomi™, Dr. Maka’ala Yates, was teaching a workshop at Mary Ellen’s house the following weekend and I was invited to attend.

 During the workshop, I instantly felt a strong connection with this work. It had everything I was looking for in a modality-effective and therapeutic with measurable results, a lineage I could trace (Maka’ala, a native Hawai’ian himself, studied with Auntie Margaret Machado for many many years and maintained a strong connection with her), respect for Hawai’ian tradition and facilitated learning of a history and understanding of a culture that is mostly oral in it’s tradition, and a deep connection with Spirit. I continued to study with Maka’ala and became certified in Mana Lomi™ before I even graduated massage school. I continue to study with Maka’ala and find his mentorship to not only be helpful in the work I do, but also in the path my own personal life has taken. In addtion to the healing art of Mana Lomi™, Maka’ala has taken special time to teach me the herbal wrap he once offered. I am now the sole provider of this particular herbal wrap in the Pacific Northwest, and feel extreme gratitude to Maka’ala for informing my practice.

 During this time I also felt drawn to energy healing. I have always had a strong intuition (if I ever dream you’re pregnant, you’d better go out and buy some diapers!) and felt the desire to deepen this and gain more control over this aspect of myself. I found Reiki and eventually became a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master. Reiki changed my life and informed my path. It lead me to the Portland Psychic School, where I eventually let go of Reiki. I no longer use that particular energy, and have instead found something that more closely matches the pure and neutral intentions I have for my work.

My journey at Portland Psychic School has been deep, intense and incredibly powerful. I have learned to control and use my natural psychic gifts in a way that allows me to clear along with my clients. I have learned to see and be neutral without the aid of any outside energies. In less that two years of deep training, I have changed so much and I feel more like me than I have in my whole life. I am now able to give a beautiful deep hello to your soul in a way you likely have never experienced before. I am incredibly grateful to my amazing teachers at Portland Psychic School and continue my training there to this day.

I have also spent significant hours training in Active Myofascial Therapy with Irene Diamond in San Francisco. This work is really all about relieving chronic pain in a fast and complete way. My work has always been about bringing about a person’s best self and helping them to feel whole in their bodies. Active Myofascial Therapy allows me to do that in a way suitable for athletes and sufferers of chronic pain.

I am incredibly excited to bring the knowledge and practice I develop after the training ends, and I am extremely excited to see what lies ahead as I continue my journey as a healer.

 My husband still runs our business, and I am proud to say it is bigger than ever. I also feel Reiki has benefited the company and helped aid in it’s growth and success. The stars have aligned for me, and I am overjoyed to help bring that same path of success to you.