Kokua is an important aspect of my business. In honoring members of my community, I find wholeness in the work I do.


Giving Back to my community

There are so many people who work tirelessly to benefit the world around them. Whether they are caring for the planet or for their aging mother or sick child, these people deserve to be recognized for the good they bring. So I've developed my Kokua program to do just that. Each month, I choose a group to honor and extend the offer of a free, no strings 30 minute massage to 10 individuals in that group and they are able to upgrade at a very low cost. Each group chosen has a personal meaning to me, and holds a place in my heart. I am choosing leaders in sustainability, nurses, midwives and doulas, caregivers, entrepreneurs, teachers, moms who run their own businesses, and more. If you know of a group who deserve the gift of self care, please email me for their consideration.

This work feeds my soul and I am honored to share it with people who make the world wonderful for all of us.