Deep, therapeutic, corrective, relaxing, rejuvenating...all of these describe powerful, deep tissue Lomi Lomi. Lomi Lomi helps to resolve structural problems and deeply relaxes you. It's an escape from the stresses of everyday life. My touch is intuitive, and I tend to find your "problem spots", even ones you might not have been aware of, and know just the pressure to use to resolve them. 

Enjoy a deep, relaxing, therapeutic massage that doesn’t leave you sore for days.  I work light to deep, broad to specific, solving structural issues that other therapists may have missed. The work is rhythmic, deep and intentional and is focused on your specific issues. It is also relaxing, and the general work is soothing and rejuvenating.


Add on a Heat Therapy treatment for an even more effective session. More than just a simple hot towel from the cabby, this treatment uses towels heated to boiling temperature, layered between dry bath sheets on select problem areas. Towels are replaced 2-3 times for a total of 20 minutes of applied heat to each spot. While the towels are on, I work on another part of your body. Once we remove them, I immediately work on the area, bringing about deep structural change. It feels amazing and the treatment is so effective. A Mana Lomi™ session is complete on it's own, but adding the hot towels really brings it to the next level.

My work is intended to help relieve pain. While the work can be relaxing, the clients I seek are those whom I can help be free from pain. If you are in search for relaxation only, I am happy to offer you a hot stone massage or refer you to a massage therapist who provides relaxation massage, as relaxation massage is not my preferred work.

60 minutes: $85   75 minutes: $105 90 minutes: $130 

120 minutes: $165