New Space, More Availability, More Relief!

I am so grateful! Almost a year ago, I saw the perfect practice space on Craigslist. At the time, though, I just wasn't ready to commit. I was still working a pretty full schedule at a beautiful spa in the Pearl District, my youngest child had just turned 2, and I felt like I needed to wait. 

This new year brought a lot of change~to the world as a whole, and to me in particular. I had just completed the first six months of Clairvoyant Training at Portland Psychic School (an amazing program! Life changing. You can check them out here: I cleared through so many old, outdated pictures I had of myself, my worth, my abilities. I was ready to really put my energy into myself and my own private practice, sharing my gifts with the world (well, at least Portland). 

I logged onto facebook and saw an ad to sublet a space from another LMT... It was the exact same space I had seen almost a year earlier! I signed the lease and am finally in to my perfect space right on NW 23rd and Raleigh. I am so grateful. I now have the freedom to practice all of my specialties in one place and market to my dream client. (Is that you?)