Are your ready for some magic? Clairvoyant readings are a validating, life changing experience all about you. Where are you growing? Where are you taking a step? Whose energy are you running and how does it affect your life? What are you ready for more of and what are you ready to let go?

During a reading, we may look at a past life that is influencing what's going on in your life today. Have an energetic read on relationships. Get information to help make big life decisions, like should you move to Atlanta or LA or which job to take. Occasionally, we connect to loved ones who have passed on from this life but in a way that is validating and helpful for you.

I read from a grounded, neutral space, which allows me to clearly see and communicate the BIG things in a way that helps to clear, not sit in the old yucky energy. My interest is in seeing the real, true spirit of YOU and communicating the information your spirit wants to give to you in body in the present moment.

Readings can be done in person, at my office, or online via a video meeting platform called Zoom (wifi required). In some rare cases, especially if your home or space is in need of a healing, I may travel to you by request for an additional cost. Readings are about 60 minutes long. For the first half hour, I just read what your spirit wants to show me. The last half hour is dedicated to your questions. Readings cost $100.

The reading itself can be incredibly healing, but if you would like to focus on healing certain aspects of yourself and your life, an energy healing session may be the right path. Cut chords, mend holes and tears in your energetic space, and most importantly, fill up with the essence of YOU. It's a beautifully personal session, and the work is done mostly in silence unless there is something in particular that must be communicated. Distance healing is also available for a loved one in need.

Healings are done in person at my studio in NW Portland or can be done remotely. 30 minutes $50, 60 minutes $100. In some cases, I may be available to travel to you, particularly if an illness or a life situation makes it difficult to travel. Healings are not meant to replace medical care. Please do not rely solely on energy healings to heal major illnesses and follow the advice of your doctor.