Don’t take it from me. Here’s what others are saying about my work:


I have seen Fiona for Lomi lomi massages and more recently for Active myofascial therapy. She is an excellent bodyworker. She spends time listening to my concerns before the session and checks in just enough during the massage.
It is clear that Fiona really has "the touch". She can almost instantly find my trigger points and has gotten them to release more than any therapist I've ever worked with.  My range of motion increases drastically after a session with her.
I highly recommend Fiona's bodywork to anyone in chronic pain (particularly headaches/jaw pain), athletes, or anyone who desires a compassionate bodyworker who truly knows the body and wants to help you.”
~Samantha R., Student

“Absolutely incredible. Fiona listened to exactly what I wanted out of the massage (a mixture of relaxation and deep work to release knots) and was able to work out kinks I didn't know existed. I left feeling like I was floating. She is phenomenal!” ~A.C.

“I have been seeing Fiona for Lomi Lomi massages for the last 2-3 years and her work is remarkably intuitive.  Of course if I have a particular ache or imbalance, I will share that as she always asks beforehand.  However, Fiona is able to surmise these even when I haven't pinpointed them myself.  She has a lovely bedside manner and established a warm rapport, but works in near silence.  
I sought Fiona out because my very discerning husband raved about her work.  Initially I made the appointments as a treat to myself.  I've started to see Fiona more frequently as I approach a milestone birthday and have begun taking my fitness seriously. I have found her work to be critical to integrating the frequency of my current resistance training.  I'm always left with a profound sense of well being after seeing Fiona and typically book a follow up appointment soon after.”
~Heather R.

“Fiona listened to my issues and I was extremely happy with the massage I received. It was relaxing but I felt much better that day and the next. She gave me good advice on how to deal with knee problems. I would highly recommend her.” ~Jana M.

“Wonderful experience. Fiona is a very knowledgeable person with such a gentle touch yet strong in areas where your body needs it. She has a natural intuition that allows you to simple trust in her work and relax and enjoy your session.” ~Chino

“I was blessed to be on her table a couple weeks ago. She does Lomi Lomi massage and it was a dream! Being from Hawaii, I was excited to learn that she has taken the time to study from the Masters in this art, even traveling to Hawaii to do so.

The room even smelled like Hawaii! One thing that I learned, and LOVED was that in the Lomi Lomi technique philosophy, the soul of a person is in the bones. The massage is at the point of origin and insertion between the muscle and the bone versus in the belly of the muscle which other massage techniques use.

It felt dreamy, melty, utterly relaxing. And I felt refreshed, rather than bruised and sore the next day. If you want to treat your body to some serious healing, I would encourage you to book a session with Fiona Yun LMT! Oh! And she does Clairvoyant readings too! (Can't wait to do mine!)” ~Selena M.

“Excellent massage and very professional. Fiona has a great knowledge of lomi lomi and provides an enjoyable experience. I hope to return soon for another visit with Fiona. She is very knowledgeable and asks great questions to make sure the massage addresses all of the needs.” ~Mike B.

“Fiona’s got the touch! I’ve been receiving massage for almost 20 years and can vouch for her excellence. She has the skills and training combined with intuitive flow that brings it all together. Strongly recommend!” ~Anne T., LMT

“I was lucky enough to have experienced Fiona's magic touch. Her energy work sessions left me with a deeper understanding of myself. I also took the first and second degree Reiki class with her, a fulfilling experience I would never forget. Thank you!” ~Tal B.

“I had an incredibly healing session with Fiona. She is gentle, intuitive and I love her dearly!” ~Anya R.

I have seen Fiona a few times and actually travel from out of state to see her. She is a highly intuitive Energy Healer. I am a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Tradition of Natural Healing and have been teaching and providing Reiki treatments since 1998. I love Fiona's work and have experienced such a great deal of release and healing that I felt compelled to provide her with a review. 

I've received lots of of work over the years including Chiropractic, Network Chiropractic, Cranial Sacral, Massage and Reiki. I have never received the healing effects that I have received from Fiona. I noticed with all of the other work I received that the energy would move from one location to another in my body. For example if I had a stiff neck or headache and received chiropractic or network chiropractic care, it would help for a few days and the energy would move from my neck to the middle of my back or maybe even my knee but it would never totally be gone and the work never felt complete.  Fiona's energy work is simply and gently complete. And in no time I'm free of the energy that was stored in and around me. Fiona has a great deal of heat that comes from her hands and body. She may not feel this, but I sure do. At times Fiona would have her hands on my body and sometimes they were off. At times it felt like there were many hands on me working to help heal and release. 
I feel a great deal of Joy when my sessions are over. I feel whole and relaxed.. I could feel Fiona releasing the fear that I have stored within me, creating more space for my true self, for joy and love to come in. Fiona spoke of a child that she saw while she was working on me. I recognize this child to be a part of me that maybe I lost a long time ago. Now I feel one with this child. I'm able to hold her and love her. Fiona's work is absolutely amazing!”
~Brenda Wahl-Siemering, RMT, Herbalis